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World War II Art Gallery and Museum

Distance : 77 m.

World War II Art Gallery and Museum is a private museum established by Mr. Aran Chansiri, a jewelry entrepreneur in Kanchanaburi Province.

The museum was found in 1995.It is located near Kwae Yai River and River Kwae Bridge. The museum is a group of exhibition houses. There are various contents of exhibitions. Some parts are related to the World War II, River Kwae Bridge construction, personal interests of the owner, and jewelry trade. The exhibition can be divided into 7 parts as follows.

  1. Thai history and Thai-Burma wars, exhibiting wall paintings of Thai-Burma wars and collectibles of the owners such as porcelains, mortars, guns, swords, and coconut graters.
  2. River Kwae Bridge construction and Thai-Burma Railroad, exhibiting the model of captive houses in the World War II, models, photos, and paintings of captives’ lifestyle in the camp, photos and models of River Kwae Bridge bombarding, utensils of the captives and Japanese soldiers, vehicles of Japanese soldiers, etc.
  3. Personal collectibles such as stamps, clocks, coins, banknotes, stuffed dead animals, and musical instruments.
  4. Mineral stones and decorations, exhibiting the examples of minerals such as Amethyst, White Jade, Rutile, and raw gems.
  5. Thai clothing, exhibiting clothes of Thai women and paintings of Miss Thailand World from past to present time.
  6. Vehicles of Japanese soldiers such as Jeep cars, motorcycles, and horse carriages.
  7. Cave of men in prehistoric time, exhibiting paintings and models of human evolution from past to present time.

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