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Srinagarindra Dam

Distance : 66.1 km.

Srinagarindra Dam is the largest rockfill-with-clay-core dam in Thailand. It is built to serve as basin to collect flood water during the flood season, generate water-power electricity and supply water for agriculture and fishery. Visitors should take a cruise around the dam’s lake to soak up the beautiful sceneries.

Srinakarindra National Park is 953,500 rais, covering Saiyoke District, Srisawat District, and Thongphaphoom District area. The interesting tourist attraction is Tham Sawan, the newly discovered cave in Srinakarindra National Park area in Tonmaprao Village, Maegramoong Sub-District, Srisawat District. The natural cave is 9 meters wide, 9 meters high, and 159 meters long. There are paintings of ancient people on the cave’s wall. It is 15 kilometers from Srinakarindra National Park bureau. From the bureau, drive along Huay Maekamin Waterfall - Erawan Waterfall route, turn right at Baan Tonmaprao School. Tonmaprao Village is 1.5 kilometers from the junction. The cave entrance is about 500 meters from the village. Four wheel driving is recommended. Visitors should contact Tonmaprao villagers to be the guide.

Tham Neramit is a big cave divided into many rooms. There are various shapes of stalagmites. It is 10 kilometers before Huay Maekamin Waterfall, turn left to Tham Neramit route for 2 kilometers and walk 300 meters. Tham Nammood, Tham Phrapang, and Tham Phrakho are big caves located 4 kilometers from Tham Neramit. Visitors should visit local tourist guide or the national park officer. Pick-up or four wheel driving is recommended for transportation.Tham Nammood is in Srinakarindra National Park area in Nammood Village, Mae Kraboong Sub-District. The cave’s entrance is 15 meters wide and 10 meters high. In the cave, there is a deep hollow from where the water always came out.

Tham Praprang is another cave that is huge and beautiful. It is located in Srinakarindra National Park in Nammood Village, Mae Kraboong Sub-District. The cave is divided into various rooms, each has stalagmites. To visit this cave, use Erawan and Maekamin Waterfall route, turn left to the route to Wat Tham Nammood route which is 11 kilometers before Maekamin Waterfall. Wat Tham Nammood is 500 meters from the junction. Park the car there behind the temple and then walk 400 meters from the car park. Tham Prakho, another cave, is situated at the northwest side, 130 meters from this cave

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