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Kanchanaburi City Hotel

Sapan Mon Bridge

Distance : 218 km.

This bridge was built under the initiation of LuangPhorUttama, the abbot of Wang Wiwekaram temple. The construction between the year 1986 and 1987 was completed by labours of Mon people.

Safari Park in Kanchanaburi

Distance : 32.4 km.

It is a nature theme park, a tourism attraction, and is the most important animal breeding centre in Kanchanaburi. You can see a wide variety of animals for example, camels, tigers, lions, bears, elephants, deers, zebras, llamas, ostrichs, flamingos ,giraffes etc.

World War II Art Gallery and Museum

Distance : 77 m.

World War II Art Gallery and Museum is a private museum established by Mr. Aran Chansiri, a jewelry entrepreneur in Kanchanaburi Province.

Vajiralongkorn Dam

Distance : 149 km.

Formerly known as Khao Laem Dam, Vajiralongkorn Dam is one of major dams in Thailand. It is a rock fill dam made of reinforced concrete, measured 92 meters high, 10-metre-wide weir and stretch 1,019 meters across the Khwae Noi River.

Srinagarindra Dam

Distance : 66.1 km.

Srinagarindra Dam is the largest rockfill-with-clay-core dam in Thailand. It is built to serve as basin to collect flood water during the flood season, generate water-power electricity and supply water for agriculture and fishery. Visitors should take a cruise around the dam’s lake to soak up the beautiful sceneries.

Wat Tam MangKorn Thong

Distance : 16.4 km.

Paying respect to the century-old Buddhist images enshrined in as natural cave, accessible via a 95-step red-colored staircase flanked by dragon carvings on both sides.

JEATH War museum

Distance : 110 m.

JEATH war museum located near Chaichumponchanasongkhram temple (Wat Tai), which is 5 kilometer, from Kanchanaburi City hotel. The JEATH is derived from countries engaged in the WWII railway construction from 1942 to 1945

Sai Yok National Park

Distance : 97.8 km.

This 300-square-kilometer national park is best known for the family of Sai Yok Waterfalls (Namtok Sai Yok); three picturesque waterfalls located in the park. Namtok Sai  Yok was first widely known among Thais when King Rama V visited them in 1888 during his reign that inspired Prince Naris,

Hellfire Pass Museum

Distance : 79 km.

This place is a place that exhibitthe mini theater about a story of building Death Railway. They also amass pictures, equipment in building Death Railway in World War II’stime.

Tham Than Lot National Park

Distance : 91.3 km.

Admission: 200 baht for adults, 100 baht for children.Contact: Chalerm Rattanakosin  National Park, tel. 0 3454 7020,0 34546140 or National Park Office; National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, Bangkok, tel. 0 2562 0760 or www.dnp.go.th.

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